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N.O. Xplode 2 Review

Newest pre training igniter supplement by BSN

N.O. Xplode 2 Review

N.O. Y.E.S. Explode

NO-Xplode is a pre-workout energy supplement that claims "increased energy, focus, endurance, strength, pumps and size" on the label - all with an asterisk of course.

I took NO-Xplode for about 1-2 years, and was a huge fan when it first came out. It used to come in a big red container with a small amount of product, and then out of the blue the containers were filled to the top. Unless my mind was playing tricks on me, it was about that time N.O.-Xplode stopped working for me. It's been a few years since I've had their product so my body should be devoid of immunity to it.

So let's dive in and see what the all new NO-Xplode is all about - (Fruit Punch) reviewed below.


For this review, we tested N0-Xplode in Fruit Punch flavor. The smell of the powder actually matched the taste to some degree. Due to NO-Xplode having an effervescent characteristic (like alka seltzer) - where it bubbles up and fizzes in your cup, we believe that took away from the actual flavor. With all the fizz and foam in the cup, we felt like we were drinking medicine and it left us with an upset stomach for about 15 minutes. As for the overall taste experience, we weren't thrilled with it and each sip was inherently tougher to get down. This was one of our least favorite tasting pre-workout supplements.

Serving Size Effectiveness:

Yes, the BSN recommended serving size of 1 scoop (22.2g) was indeed effective.


Solubility was both good and bad. The powder actually mixed well - leaving no powder resideue behind, but NO-Xplode foamed up in our cup, and we weren't big fans of drinking foam and air before working out. I bet you can guess why.


Yes, we had to use the bathroom 1 - 1.5 hours of taking one scoop. It ranked the best of all supplements in this category - having the least affect on bowel movement.

Activation Time:

We felt a slight tingling after about 10 minutes

Sensation Level:

Above average. You can definitely feel the pins and needles effect, but it's not overwhelming or out of this world.


It lasted approximately 20 minutes.


Yes, we did notice an increase in strength, and endurance, but we did not get the "pump", or full feeling.


NOXplode did not cause any sleep issues for anyone during this test.

Final Thoughts:

Our thoughts on NOXplode - While N.O. Xplode did not deliver on and increase in energy, sensation, or pump - it did give us an increase in strength, and endurance. We were able to lift more weight - and lift a little bit longer than normal. We had a tough time drinking NO-Xplode due to the fizzling / bubbling reaction that occurs when the powder is introduced to water. It made us feel a bit bloated and full of air. Not exactly what you want when you're working out. The recommended serving size was accurate (per the label) so you're actually getting what you pay for and that comes to about $2.00 per serving. We like that the label was honest and accurate, but the price point is just too high. We can't justify $2.00 for serving and we are a little uncomfortable with having to consume 22.2 grams of powder before every workout. The size of the scoop is almost the size of the scoop that comes with protein powders; It's a bit much. However, if none of the other preworkout supplement options are working for you, then it may be worth a try.

At the end of the day NO-Xplode is expensive, tough to drink, it delivers on 2 out of 5 claims on the label (Endurance and Strength, but not Focus, Energy, Pumps and Size).

BSN (Manufacturer):

Bio-Engineered Supplements & Nutrition (BSN) is the manufacturer of NO-Xplode N-Tensity and was one of the pioneers of the Nitric Oxide industry, pushing Nitric Oxide supplements harder than just about anyone since they first introduced NO-Xplode. BSN's label design all look the same with the exception of the product name. Their other products include SYNTHA-6 DECADENCE, ATRO-PHEX, AXIS-HT, CELLMASS, CELLMASS NT, CHEATERS RELIEF, ENDOBURN, ENDORUSH, ENDORUSH XTREME STRENGTH, EPOZINE-O2 NT, LEAN DESSERT PROTEIN, N.O.-XPLODE, N.0.-XPLODE IGNITER SHOT, N.O.-XPLODE NT, NITRIX, SYNTHA-6, SYNTHA-6 RTD, SYNTHA-6 RTD 140Z, THERMONEX, TRUE-MASS, and VOLUMAIZE.

BSN headquarters is located in Boca Raton, Florida and its warehouse location is in Tennessee. BSN supplement company was founded in 2001 by Chris Ferguson and Scott James

No-Xplode Reviews:

This review was conducted for internal research purposes only.