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Weight Loss: Sprinting vs Long Distance

What Helps You Lose Weight Faster?

Weight Loss: Sprinting vs Long Distance

What Helps You Lose Weight Faster – Long Distance Running or Sprinting?

Running in and of itself is healthy and can be a very beneficial addition to any weight-loss plan.  And putting on your sneakers and getting out the door is a step in the right direction.

Running requires the use of a lot of muscle mass, about 60 percent.  Some of the largest muscles in the body are in the lower body.

Running vs. Sprinting

Let’s examine the simple act of running first.

Your body burns roughly 100 calories per mile.  If you’re just beginning a running routine, this may seem like running to the moon.  To get started you should mix up your running between walking and jogging.  Overtime you will be able to run for longer and burn more calories.

The ultimate goal is to run for as long as you can and this means over long distances.

This may sound as though long-distance beats out short-distanced sprinting. But continue reading.

Slow Running to Fast Running

The more you run the more your endurance will increase.  Your jogging distance will continuously increase.  You should never try to go faster than what feels easy for you.  Trust us, easy isn’t a bad thing when beginning your running routine.  Remaining at a pace that you know you can handle will allow you to run for a longer distance, burning more calories, than you would have if you burned up all your fuel.

As your endurance and distance increases so too will your pace 

Mix It Up: Long Distance Running to Sprinting

The body is an amazing machine and if you do something one way long enough it will adapt or acclimate itself to it.  At first this sounds like a good thing, considering the more you run the longer you can run and the more calories you burn!  But overtime your body will respond less to the same routine.  The same thing holds true for other muscle-building workouts.  So you must mix it up to always keep your body readjusting to changes. 

Try alternating between regular pace and fast paced weeks:  One week fast paced; next week slow or regular paced.

By doing this your body will need to continuously adjust itself to the changes and it will respond better. 

So which helps you burn weight faster? The answer is both sprinting and running long distances together.

Don’t Forget Diet

Running alone may not help you fully achieve your weight-loss and conditioning goals. You should be burning more calories than you’re taking in.

If you’ve been running and are having a hard time finding results, reevaluate your diet first and then your overall work-out routine such as weight-lifting and calisthenics.

Running vs. Sprinting

The truth is, both of these work best when used together.  Each one has unique benefits.  Try both, mix it up, get fit and stay fit!